Geno Can Press the Staples “Easy” Button

After just a few short 15-minute sessions, Geno can press the Staples “Easy” button. It’s called “shaping” behavior.  Does your dog have a behavior you would like to change? Does your dog jump up? Let’s shape that behavior into a “sit pretty.” Does your dog paw at you? We can shape that into a “high five.” Do you want your dog to go to their bed or crate with a simple command? Or do you just want your dog to learn a cool trick like touching the Staples “Easy” button? Give us a call and talk to Debbie about setting up an appointment. 850-274-5710

Puppy Fun

The AKC S*T*A*R Puppy class has started and what fun we are having! We are in week two and the pups are learning to walk on a leash. They have also learned “sit” and “down.” It’s not too early to reserve your spot for our next puppy class so give us a call to join in the fun 850-274-5710 IMAG0244 IMAG0259 IMAG0248 IMAG0264

Basic Dog Manners Class

We will be starting a Basic Dog Manners class on Thursday, 08/25/16. This is the class for you if you want your dog to have basic manners such as “sit” “down” “stay” and “come.” We also work with dogs who bark and jump up. Do you have a particular issue you want to work on with your dog? Give us a call and we can tell you more. Class will begin at 7:00PM and last about an hour at the At Home Veterinary Care Center. Call today to reserve a spot for you and your dog! 850-274-5710

AKC S.T.A.R puppy classes

At Home Veterinary Care would like to invite you to join us for our AKC S.T.A.R Puppy classes.

Our wonderful trainer, Debbie Eaglebarger, will be teaching the classes every Tuesday night from 7-8pm, starting next Tuesday. (August 16, 2016)

It is a 6 week training program where your furry family member will learn basic housetraining skills, while giving them a chance to socialize with other dogs.

The fee for the 6 week program is $100.

Debbie will administer the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test at the end of the course. Upon passing the test, you’ll get an application to send to AKC® for enrollment in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Program as well as an AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Medal.

Call us at 850-274-5710 or email us at to sign up.

We look forward to seeing you!


To learn more about this program, feel free to check out the AKC website:

Meet Our New Trainer: Debbie Eaglebarger!


When did you start working with dogs?

I’ve been working with dogs for as long as I can remember. We always had dogs as a family and I always saw dogs on the street that I interacted with. Dog work has actually been a calling: it came easily and naturally.

How did you become interested in animal training?

When I was 14 I brought home a very unruly dog. My mother told me if I was going to keep the dog he had to go to obedience classes. We won the award for “Most Improved” and ever since then every dog that I had went to obedience class.

Through the years, when I picked up a stray on the street and couldn’t find an owner I prepared the dog to be ready for a new home with basic obedience skills.

Training became critical when I started running the City of Corning Animal Shelter in California in 2002. Dogs came in because they didn’t have manners. Dogs weren’t adopted because they didn’t have manners. Dogs were killed because they didn’t have manners.

I had a good grasp on teaching basic obedience skills. I became highly versed in the AKC CGC requirements and training. I spent 3 weeks at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah attending one of their behavior and shelter seminars. One shelter dog I took through the Delta Service Dog program so she could visit people in hospitals and convalescent homes. I’ve gone to week long training seminars in San Francisco as well as an internship in New York for animal behavior and training techniques.

Every dog in the shelter became trained in basic manners skills. Adoption rates soared and within 2 years the shelter I ran went from a “fill and kill” pound to a “no kill to make room” shelter.

Can you tell us about your experience running Second Chance Animal Shelter?

Second Chance Pet Rescue is a non-profit 501(c) organization. It was formed specifically for the City of Corning Animal Shelter. When the city realized that Second Chance knew what it was doing, control of the dogs entering and leaving, and yes, sometimes euthanizing, was given to the organization. I am the founder of that organization and it is still going strong and still running the City of Corning Animal Shelter.

What is your favorite breed of dog? Why?

I would have to say my favorite breed of dog is the Pit Bull. It is one of the most misunderstood breeds right now. People think “fighting dog” many times when they hear pit bull but a temperament correct pit bull has been genetically bred to love people and never turn on them. They are not a guard dog like many people think. The British call them the “nanny dog.” When I did Humane Education presentations for schools the only dog I would bring was a pit bull because I knew that of all the dogs available to me in the shelter, the temperament correct pit bull would not bite a child, even when crowded and all hands were on them. They just loved the attention. I moved from California to Florida in 2014 with 3 shelter pit bulls that I adopted. I am an advocate for the underdog.

What can we look forward to now that you are part of At Home Veterinary Care? What is new and exciting?

I am so excited to be here. What attracted me to At Home Veterinary Care is the progressive and proactive nature of the business. The doggie pool is a slice of heaven. The agility field is a great mind stimulator. The different play yards are fabulous to work with the dogs in.

I am looking forward to playing mind stimulating games with the dogs coming in for Playcare. As I learn about each dog coming in I look for skills that they have and the skills they don’t have. Are they a “jump up on people” kind of dog? I work with them on those issues. Can we make them “sit pretty” instead of jumping up? Do they pull on the leash? I teach them “wait” to slow down. Are they shy or timid? I will partner them with dogs that don’t stress them, but let them grow and flourish. Do they love to put their paws on you? This is a great opportunity to shape into a “high five” trick.

As an obedience trainer I teach “dog talk,” meaning how can you communicate with your dog so that they understand what you want them to do? I love to see an unruly dog come through with their owner and 6 weeks later they have become a harmonious team.


Learn more about Debbie and her work at the following links

Announcing Shape Up For Spring Weight Loss Challenge

Everyone who comes in to see us knows our greeters. Ibby, Molly and Lilli are usually the best part of visiting At Home Veterinary Care; they are the best part of the staff’s day too! Lilli is our pretty yellow Labrador who is usually playing with Molly. When Lilli first came to us she had a shade over 100 pounds on her. That works out to 20lbs overweight or 25% above her ideal body weight! While she should have been active and loving her new home; Lilli was lethargic and listless and lolled around on the floor all day pining for treats. Fortune struck and our representative for Hill’s Pet Nutrition met Lilli and told Dr. Blount all about a new food that Hill’s had just introduced that was specifically formulated to easily achieve weight loss in pets. Lilli lost 20lbs and was at a healthy weight 2 months later. Lilli is now a Certified Therapy dog and she has buckets of fun playing in the pool and on the playground with her sister Molly and friends that come to visit.

Being overweight or obese severely punishes a pet’s body. Only a few pounds of extra weight has been linked to Type 2 Diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, and many forms of cancer. The extra weight overloads joints and makes it difficult to get up and do normal pet things so quality of life is diminished. The problem is worse for smaller dogs and cats; one extra pound on a teacup poodle is proportionally much more than on a Great Dane so a tiny bit of extra fat damages a small pet more than a large one. Nationwide insurance: the largest provider of pet insurance in the United States released statistics on the 10 most common claims associated with pet obesity in 2015. They included dogs and cats separately and had claims from 550,000 pets from across the country.

The 10 most common problems with dogs were 1. Arthritis 2. Bladder/Urinary tract disease 3. Low thyroid hormone production 4. Liver disease 5. Torn knee ligaments 6. Diabetes 7. Diseased disc in the spine 8. Fatty growth 9. Chronic kidney disease 10. Heart failure

The 10 most common problems with cats were 1. Bladder/Urinary tract disease 2. Chronic kidney disease 3. Diabetes 4. Liver disease 5. Asthma 6. Arthritis 7. High blood pressure 8. Heart failure 9. Gall bladder disorder 10. Immobility of spine

None of these problems are conditions we want pets to have. Dr. Blount warns that problems with obesity in cats are worse than with dogs. Obese cats have problems with personal grooming, causing skin problems and difficulty using the litter box.

Being overweight is alarmingly common in the pet population. 58% of cats and 53% of dogs are overweight. The even more disturbing part of this survey was that 90% of owners of overweight cats and 95% of owners of overweight dogs believed erroneously that their pet was a healthy weight. This suggests that pet guardians do not know what a healthy weight dog or cat would look like: that their ability to recognize the problem is covered up by consistent images of obese pets. The norm has been changed. Another study found that the rate of pets being overweight or obese in the US has increased for the 5th year in a row in 2015. The problem is only getting bigger, just like America’s pets.

To combat the deep problems of pet obesity At Home Veterinary Care in partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition is holding a contest: the Shape Up For Spring Pet Weight Loss Challenge! The first 15 participants to join the challenge will be given a 3 months’ supply of Hill’s Prescription Metabolic food for free! The pet that loses the largest percentage of weight at the end of the contest will receive free Hill’s Pet foods for the rest of the year! There is no cost to sign up, so anyone can join. Please call or send us an email by January 15th to join; the contest starts on January 21, 2016 and continues until April 21, 2016. Participants must agree to regular weighing and photos for the contest. Pets’ parents can also join the challenge to make a combined weight loss score, so you and your pets can keep that New Year’s Resolution together. We will give advice to participants on how to switch your pet’s food safely and recommendations on feeding and exercise. Let’s fight obesity and we can all have healthier, livelier, and happier lives.

New Playground Equipment

Hello everyone!

We have new playground equipment built by our family friend Jeff Heller. He did an excellent job and we now have a better way to train for dog agility, and a way to have even more fun! You can see a demonstration on our youtube channel. Dr. Blount is kicking around the idea of offering expanded services so that people can sign up to use our equipment for a monthly membership fee, so that is in the works.

Barktoberfest Registration Form

Welsh Corgi Pembroke dogs with pumpkins

We want to go to Barktoberfest!


At Home Veterinary Care is holding a fun new event: Barktoberfest. We have confirmed that Tallahassee’s newest microbrewery Grasslands Brewing will pour beer and Smackin’ Good Wings and Beni’s-Take-It-N-Go! will be here. Come have your dogs play in our pool and enjoy our playground equipment while you dine on some of Tallahassee’s finest street food and drink  local beer. We are also organizing a trick-or-treating tour of our home for people and pets. We have received a gift of dog and cat food to raffle off from Hill’s Pet Nutrition. All pets and people are welcome! Support local business!

Vaccine Requirements

Because we are a “One Health” facility we require that dogs or cats in our facilities meet the following parameters, this is for everyone’s good health:

Canines in our facility must be up to date on Rabies, DA2LPP, and bordetella vaccines. They also must be on heartworm prevention which kills intestinal parasites or have a negative intestinal parasite exam within the last three months and be free of external parasites. We require felines in our facility to be up to date on FVRCP and Rabies. They must also test negative on FELV/FIV and heartworms. They must have had a negative intestinal parasite exam within the last three months as well as being free of external parasites. We will ask for proof of the vaccines above and a signed waiver stating that these requirements are understood upon entry to the event.


At Home Veterinary Care LLC. Will provide oversight and supervision for this activity by team members trained in animal behavior; however, we require and expect every pet owner to adequately supervise and control their own pet(s). We assume no liability for injuries, medical problems, or damages for pets, pet parents, or participants in this activity on the date of the event nor in the future.