New Van For AHVC

We are thrilled with our new 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan. It features a back-up camera, passenger cabin lighting, and climate control. The remote liftgate makes it easier for loading ill pets and keeping them comfortable. Our other vans have served us and the animals we care for very well. Our new van ensures we keep the same level of care for our animals while keeping them more comfortable and safe.


We are excited to announce our upcoming classes starting in January 2017.

01/07/17 (10:00-11:00) Introduction to Agility

01/10/17 (6:30-7:30) Basic Manners

01/12/17 (6:30-7:30) AKC Canine Good Citizen and Pre-Therapy

01/13/17 (1:00-2:00) AKC STAR Puppy

Reserve your spot now by calling 850-274-5710

TDI Testing This Sunday!


Seeking Great Dogs

Certified therapy dogs help adults and children around the country in schools, hospitals, libraries and any place that needs joy and comfort. If a dog is healthy and loves people they can do good in their community by becoming a certified therapy dog. At Home Veterinary Care has teamed with Leigh Ann Falconer to host an evaluation for therapy dog certification through Therapy Dog International. If your pup has the right stuff please visit the Therapy Dog International website for more information on qualifications, evaluations, fees, and therapy programs. Cost of the evaluation is $10 per dog and owners must show proof of updated shots at the evaluation.  Dogs will be tested on a buckle collar or harness (no training collars or restraining harnesses) and a 6 foot leash. For more information about the evaluator see and more information about the host facility at the At Home Veterinary Care website. Spaces are limited so register right away!

Evaluations Will Be Held:
13 November 2016
2-4 PM
At Home Veterinary Care
1833 Junwin Ct
Pre-registration is required. Please call 229-403-9147 or email to register.



Our new classes are ready to start. The AKC Canine Good Citizen class will start Saturday, November 12, 2016 from 1:00-2:00. The AKC STAR Puppy class will start Tuesday, November 15, 2016 from 6:00-7:00. Both classes are 6 weeks long. If you haven’t already registered and want to get in on the fun give us a call at 850-274-5710.

One Health Day

At Home Veterinary Care was built and designed as a One Health practice. What does that mean? One Health treats the pet AND the person that cares for the pet as well as the environment that both are in. Thus, One Health.  We are excited to bring you the following links with more information so we can all celebrate One Health Day.


Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page. People-Animals-Environment: our world is increasingly interconnected.  That’s why the One Health concept is gaining momentum as an accepted approach to address complex issues that involve, animals, people, and the environment.

November 3 has been declared One Health Day. It is a day to explore connections between people, other animals, and our environment that affect our health, animal health, and the viability of our ecosystems.

APHIS is involved in several One Health issues that may be accessed via the following links:

For more information about USDA and APHIS engagement in One Health issues, go to: or

You may also contact the APHIS Veterinary Services One Health Coordination Center with any questions about One Health at 



Mondays with Molly

I am DAWG tired! My mom (Dr. Blount) and I participated in Camp Heal on Saturday afternoon.  We spent time with about 36 children aged 6-17, and numerous volunteer helpers. It was hosted at Camp Piney Woods inmondays-with-molly-tired Thomasville, Georgia, by Hospice of Southwest Georgia.

Camp Heal is a bereavement day camp for children ages 6-17 that have lost a loved one to death.  It provides a safe place for children and teens to learn about grief while receiving support from trained professionals and hospice volunteers in a safe environment.

The goals of the camp were to give children and teens permission to grieve, expose them to others who have experienced the death of a significant family member or friend, and to create an environment that supports friendship and play as a way of showing that loss is a part of life while affirming the meaning of their loved ones in their lives.

My mom and I were one of four pet therapy teams, and our focus was to nurture the campers using pets as a source of comfort, care and fun, and to facilitate the bereavement process during the camp experience. Naturally, I was the star to the show.  First because of my gentle temperament, and second my love and fondness for children.  I gladly and gently took all treats as they were offered, and attentively listened to 6 kids simultaneously shouting different commands at me, then patiently let them lead me around, each taking a turn holding the leash.  I was gentle, poised, and exceedingly patient (even if I do say so myself) while I was petted and stroked by countless hands, and listened to a hundred secrets whispered in my soft ears. After three hours with the children, I was dead tired, and slept all the way back to Tallahassee.
Also on Saturday morning I participated with the evaluations of potential new therapy teams, and upon returning home, visited the home of a dear friend who lost his beloved therapy dog to death, that morning.
Sunday I got a well deserved day off!!!
heat-1        heat-2


imag0451 Dr. Elizabeth Blount (also known as Dr. B) was the hostess of this year’s Barktoberfest. The numbers have been calculated and we had 70 dogs and 125 people all joining in the fun. There were many raffle items including gift baskets, a weekend playcare/staycare package, Me and My Dog movie package, a year’s supply of Trifexis, and many more.

Dogs played in the agility field where new agility items had been added. The Splash Park was a huge hit. The Training Room had sensory games and a doggie IQ booth.

Human guests had all the hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks they wanted. The doggie guests were given gift bags where treats were added as they went through the different areas of At Home Veterinary Care. Dogs who came in costumes entered the costume contest. The 1st place winner was Corey in his football costume.

We hope all of our guests had as much fun as we had. We’re looking forward to next year’s Barktoberfest.

imag0426imag0446imag0436  imag0429

1st place winner                                       Just too cute

imag0441  imag0428  imag0429


It’s Barktoberfest and Dog Training!

We are all excited about Barktoberfest on October 22nd from 4:00 to 7:30 PM. We have so many raffle items. We have gift baskets, gift cards, dog food, cat food, and so much more. We’re excited to see all of our clients and their dogs as well as new dogs who want to check things out. Just $10/pet if you pre-register and $12/pet at the door on the day of the event. Your dog will have fun in the agility field. Fun in the splash park. Come inside for trick-or-treat lane and a room full of sensory games. We’ll have a doggie IQ booth and a photo booth, too. A live band and food trucks make the event even more spectacular. You don’t even have to have a dog. You can come for free and watch the fun.

STAR puppy classes are underway as well as Canine Good Citizen classes. There will be only one more class of each before we begin again in January. If you want your pup to go through the STAR puppy class the new class will start on November 15th until December 20th. Canine Good Citizen will start again on November 12th until December 17th. Register your pet now for the last class of the year. You can contact us at 850-274-5710.

Mondays With Molly

I am so excited. On Saturday, October 22nd we are having BARKTOBERFEST. It is so much fun. From 4:00 to 7:30 you can bring your dog for fun, fun, fun. Did I say FUN?!

There were will fun on the Agility Field. Fun in the Splash Pool. Fun with Sensory Games. There will be fun with something the people here call a Flirt
Pole. I don’t know about flirting but it sure is a lot of fun. Your dog can go down Trick-or-Treat Row to show their humans all the tricks they know, for a treat, of course. Just to show how smart we are, there will be a Doggie IQ Game. There will even be a Photo Booth. Food trucks for the people and a live band will give them some fun while we have our own fun! It just makes me drool thinking about it!

What if it rains, you say? Not a problem. My people are so smart. They have figured a way to bring all the fun indoors … just in case.

I hope to see some of my friends that come in for playcare. I hope to see and make new friends. Register before the 22nd and your people pay only $10 to bring their furry friend. Registering early helps my people plan all the events. If they come by themselves it’s FREE! If they wait until the 22nd, that’s okay, too. The price is $12 then.

I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends and people on October 22nd for BARKTOBERFEST.