We have received important information on the newly emerging Canine Influenza Virus and we encourage all our clients to read the information, below.

We have vaccine available now, and more on the way.  Unfortunately it takes about 30 days to establish protective immunity, so get those fur babies in for vaccines now.  The virus can last in the environment and on clothes, beds, blankets etc for over 24 hours.

If you are traveling with your dog this summer, please get you dog vaccinated now. If you traveling without your furry friend, but will stopping at places where dogs are common (rest areas, parks, etc.) you should vaccinate your dog so that they’re protected from any virus you may inadvertently bring home from your trip.

This outbreak is likely to get pretty scary as temperatures and humidity increase over the summer months.

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Best Regards,

Liz Blount DVM and the staff of At Home Veterinary Care

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