Reception Team

Our Reception Team is there to ensure that you and your pets feel welcome in our establishment. They are the information hub of At Home Veterinary Care and are dedicated to keeping you and your pets up-to-date on vaccines, health appointments, and any other concerns you may have as a pet owner. Our Team is full of smiling faces, ready to assist you with whatever help you may need.

Pet Care Team

All of our team members have the tremendous responsibility of caring for the pets of others. This is a serious and solemn commitment which mandates that the animals in our care are treated better and with more regard than we treat our own beloved pets. It requires putting their needs above our own, and treating their pet parents with the respect and regard they are due as our guests.

Veterinary Technicians

Veterinary Technicians are the Doctor's right and left hands. They assist with anything and everything the Veterinarian might need, and are focused and dedicated to ensuring your pets' health and safety. Our Technicians work tirelessly watching over your pets during check-ups, exams, surgeries, and even playgroups.


Debbie Eaglebarger

Debbie Eaglebarger made Tallahassee her home in 2013. She comes from California with 20+ years of training experience. She ran an animal shelter for 12 years, and during that time, she became an AKC Evaluator, who has worked with dogs from all walks of life, with a variety of temperaments. She insists that any dog will listen to you if they understand what you want them to do, and that, just like a kid in school, what might work for one dog does not work for another. She will always search for an alternate method and will ensure that you and your dog will be able to communicate and grow together. Because of this approach, no two classes are ever alike, but each one of them is guaranteed to be a fun learning experience.

Debbie conducts the following classes: AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC STAR Puppy, Basic Manners, Agility, Rally, Trick Training, and Reactive Dogs. She also does individual training when requested.

"I know dogs better than I know people," she says. "My goal is to teach the human members of a household how to get their dog to do what they want in a way the dog understands."