Reactive Rover Class

Reactive Rover is a 6-weeks course designed to help owners with reactive dogs (dogs that react negatively to other dogs and/or people exhibiting behaviors such as growling, barking, lunging, shaking, or shutting down in the presence of such stimuli) learn better management and handling skills based on Emma Parson’s highly acclaimed book, Click to Calm; Healing the Aggressive Dog.

The course is also intended to help re-condition the dogs response to such stimuli to help create a positive association through scientifically-proven clicker training methods. Because of the sensitive nature of this course, the dogs must be evaluated prior to enrollment and must strictly adhere to all required safety protocol.

Please be sure each week to bring poop bags, a soft mat or rug, long-lasting chews or stuffed Kongs and many small, soft treats for your dog.

FEE: $195.00 (Select Session A or Session B)

REGISTRATION: Class Registration Form

Session A: January 9th– February 13th 2019
Day/Time: Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm
Session B: March 21st– May 2nd 2019
*No Class: 4/11
Day/Time: Thursdays 7:00-8:00pm         

WEEK 1 – Orientation, Clicker Training 101 (NO DOGS)
WEEK 2 – Dress Rehearsal, 180 U-turn
WEEK 3 – Evaluating thresholds, Look at that, Come front
WEEK 4 – Initial exposures, Sweetening the trigger, Go sniff
WEEK 5 – Exposure practice, Rock-solid stay, Cueing eye contact, Get behind
WEEK 6 – Parallel walking, Clicking away reactive/aggressive behavior

Because we are a “One Health” facility we require that dogs or cats in our facilities meet the following parameters:

  • Dogs in our facility must be up to date on Rabies, DA2LPP, and bordetella vaccines.
  • Dogs must be on heartworm prevention which kills intestinal parasites or have a negative intestinal parasite exam within the last three months and be free of external parasites.