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Grooming is not a luxury, but an essential part of keeping your pet healthy. Our grooming services include; bathing, brushing, trimming, clipping nails, ear care, teeth brushing and sanitary needs while watching for any special skin or health concerns. We have a selection of products to aid with shedding, allergies, itchy or sensitive skin, fleas and ticks, or are fragrance free

Haircuts are by appointment only Monday – Friday

Bathing and Perk-ups are available everyday.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Grooming Services Designed with Your Pet in Mind!


Common Services

Bath & Brush

$36 – $85

A simple, luxury bath, blow dry, brush out, and conditioning spray.

Price determined by size of pet.

Perk Up

$42 – $105

Nails trimmed, anal glands expressed, luxury bath, brush out,  blow dry, and conditioning spray.

Price determined by size of pet.

Best in Show

$44 – $92.50

A mini spa groom. Luxury bath, blow dry, conditioning spray, nail trim, and ear cleaning, as well as a trim for your pet’s sanitary area, face, ears, and paw pads.

Price determined by size of pet.

Spa Groom

$56 – $165

So your best friend can look and feel their best. Luxury bath and conditioning rinse, blow dry, nail trim and sand, styled haircut including trimming of face, ears, sanitary area, and paw pads. Finishing Spray.

Price determined by size of pet.

Extra Services

Groom Nail Trim & Contour

Greater than 100 lbs $15.00

Less than 100 lbs $22.00

Nail Trim Cat $12.50

Groom nail trim & contour $25.00

With ear cleaning and anal gland expression

Groom Sanitary Trim $14.00

Paw D Cure $25.00

Nail trim and contour, paw pad trim

Dematting $12.50

15 minutes

Have Any Questions?

For more information on pricing and availability contact us at or give us a call at 850-274-5710.

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